Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mela Festival - Granville Island

We performed at Mela Festival on Canada Day, backing up Navaro's Rap and the NAAD Collective with a funk piece. It was hot, sunny and we got some dancers groovin!

check out the annual Mela! Festival put on by Ravi and friends:

and the awesome new NAAD Collective:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

10,000 villages for Somalia Relief

We played at the Kits/Broadway store for this 10,000 Villages event.

[Nagori Clay Drum]
Families in Somalia need our help! In 5 regions of Somalia, famine has been declared. The United Nations expects that famine will have spread across all regions within two months. The situation is critical according to the UN, with 10,000 children under the age of five dying each month. Up to September 16, 2011 every dollar we donate will see the Federal Government of Canada contribute an equivalent amount to the East Africa D…rought Relief Fund.

A group of businesses and affiliated companies in support of Oxfam Canada, have banded together to make a difference in one day! The event is called the “It Takes a Village” Campaign and will be taking place September 10, 2011 throughout Davie Village and beyond!

On that date we ask that patrons of businesses in the area donate generously towards Somalia relief efforts by frequenting businesses displaying the “It Takes A Village” poster in the window. This event will be happening all day and evening so come out and enjoy some time in the Village and support the relief effort.

Hapa-Palooza Festival

The Orere Drummers performed on the street level to draw people down to the big festival at UBC Robson Square - just below the Vancouver Art Gallery. We were honored to be involved and loved the energy on the street with the buskers, tourists and cool little dancing dudes.

Festival of MixedRoots Arts and Ideas - September 7,8,9,10. 2011
at the Vancouver Public Library, The Roundhouse Theatre and UBC Robson Square
presented by the Asian Canadian Writer's Workshop Society

Hapa-Palooza is about bridging worlds, gathering community, and celebrating our diverse ancestry and cultural heritage. It is the largest festival of its kind in Canada.

Created for everyone whose family roots and communities reach across cultures. Hapa-Palooza's mandate is to cultivate community and dialogue among people identifying as having mixed heritage, to generate public awareness around topics related to mixed heritage, and, most importantly, provide positive role models and venues for discourse for the next generation of mixed youth.

Hapa-Palooza is a new cultural festival that celebrates the city’s identity as a place of hybridity, synergy and acceptance. A vibrant fusion of music, dance, literary, artistic and film performances, Hapa-Palooza places prominence on celebrating and stimulating awareness of mixed-roots identity, especially amongst youth.

Check out the website to get involved in the community and the event next year:

East is East

Click Here to Listen to Audio Clip of Performance! (16 minutes)
We were welcomed by Poncho & Sal to join their tribe and extended family of musicians for their regular Sunday night performance at East is East restaurant/gallery. Navaro, who performs with them regularly, led us in a long, journeying, invocational song, aptly titled 'Orere'. (Sunday, August 21, 2011)

Mystic Nights Of The Silk Road

At Chai Gallery, we have created a community of artists, musicians & passionate individuals of like taste to make our world better through a celebration of music, dance, culture and selfless service.

Chai has dreamy and romantic ambience, yet it is a home away from home. When you come to Chai we want you to kick off your shoes and take an exotic journey to the east with your senses. Each detail has been carefully selected to provide an authentic experience that will make your imaginations soar.

Come and be transported to another world.

Poncho & Sal - Rio Samaya Band
Pancho and Sal are based in Vancouver, Canada.

Born in San Jorge, Argentina, Pancho wrote poems from a young age. He moved to Europe to follow his dreams of playing the guitar and sharing his songs with the world. After touring in many countries, he became a troubadour style musician in the 80's in Sweden.

Playing with Gypsies in the South of France, he learned rumbas and flamenco. His compositions reflect these influences of flamenco and other folk rhythms. After years of exchange with other musicians, his original music has a wide diversity of styles.

Sal, who was born in England and raised in Canada, met Pancho in Cuzco, Peru, and from then on together as a family and musical duo have established a name for themselves. Sal compliments the music with her vocals, accordion, shakers, chachas, bombo and guitar.

They have a unique poetic style of translating simultaneously from Spanish to English.

You can enjoy Pancho and Sal at Folk Festivals, Community Centers, schools, restaurants, dance shows, concerts in the parks and numerous other events.